How to install GTA 5 Vehicle Mods

How to install GTA 5 Vehicle Mods

In this blog, I will tell you How to install GTA 5 Vehicle Mods  any of your vehicle mods in GTA 5 but for that your GTA 5 mod should be there, if your game is not a mod, then you see this blog How To Mod GTA V Complete Process 2021, after that follow the steps of this blog


If you mod your game then you can not play GTA 5 online after that if you play GTA 5 online after doing game mods then your account will be blocked so mods think before doing

अगर आप आपके गेम को मोड्स कर लेते हो तो उससे के बाद GTA 5 ऑनलाइन नहीं खेल सकते हो अगर आप गेम मोड्स करने के बाद आप GTA 5 ऑनलाइन खेलते हो तो आपका अकाउंट ब्लॉक हो जायेगा इस लिए मोड्स करने से पहले सोचले

For This, Search G5indianmods on Google You Will Get a Gta V Mods Website on the Top Open It So All the Gta 5 Mods You Have Seen All Are Available on This Website

How to install GTA 5 Vehicle Mods
How to install GTA 5 Vehicle Mods

So I Have to Install Ktm Bike in My Game Search Your Mode Here and You Will Get Multiple Search Results Select One for Your Game and Download It So I Am Downloading This Ktm Which Is About 16 Mb Only. and Now Copied This Zip File on My Desktop Now Extract This File and When You Open This Folder

You Will Get a Readme.txt File Here This File Shows the Instructions That How You Can Install This Mod But…….. Remember Whenever the Instruction Is About to Replace the Update Folder Don’t Do That Open This Folder, Till You Get the Last Folder in It Which Has No Other Folder Inside It… Copy That Folder

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How to install GTA 5 Vehicle Mods

Copy That Folder Like Here I Have Copied the Rc Folder Now You Have to Open Your Gta V Folder Open Update Folder Open X64 Folder and Then Dlcpacks Folder Paste Your Folder Here Now the 90% Work Is Completed Here

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How to install GTA 5 Vehicle Mods

Now the Last Work We Have to Do to Is in Openiv for This, We Have to Open the Folder of Our Mod We Have Installed Now Open the Readme.txt from Here Here You Will Get a One Line Html Code Like My Selected One Copy This Code Then Start Your Openiv Remember! Whenever You Start Openiv Again

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How to install GTA 5 Vehicle Mods

Enable the Edit Mode from Above Always After This Open the Update Folder in Left Side Now Open Update.rpf Open the Common Folder Here Open the Data Folder Now Scroll Down and Find the Dlclist.xml

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How to install GTA 5 Vehicle Mods

Right Click on This and Open in Edit Mode Now Scroll Down in the Last and Paste the Copied Line Here Like Me Whenever You Add New Vehicle Copy That Line and Paste It Here Now Save This and Close Everythig Our Ktm Is Now Installed So Let We Check Our Game Remember! Turn of Your Internet Connection Here Using Mods Online Can Result in Your Account Ban

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How to install GTA 5 Vehicle Mods

A Few Moments Later So Now We Are in the Game to Use Your Mods Start Menyoo Trainer by Pressing F8 Twice If You Are Using a Laptop Then Press F8 with Shift Key You Can Control This Menyoo Option with Nevigation Keys Open Vehicle Options Here Then Spawn Vehicles

Now Open the Input Model in the Last of List to Spawn Your Vehicle You Have to Remember It’s Model Which You Can Check from It’s Readme.exe File Here I Have Entered the Model of Our Ktm and See Our Ktm Is Spawned So You Can Install the More Vehicles with This Process

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Sometimes It Shows the Error of Invalid Model, Which Means the Mod Is Not Working So If You Have Watched Complete Video Then I Am Sure It Will Be Useful for You So Give a feedback to This

If You Are Facing Any Problems Related Mods  Then Comment Down Below

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